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On Cloud

Sep 29, 2020

Companies are retrenching their operations in the face of unprecedented headwinds, and HR is no exception. Cloud-based HR can improve connections between employees and management and help companies build the workforce of the future.

Sep 23, 2020

Value-stream mapping isn’t just about eliminating work, it’s about looking at processes across the organization, finding bottlenecks, and then using a team approach to understand and remove them—in other words, it’s about finding the value in workstreams. In this episode of the podcast Mike Kavis and...

Sep 14, 2020

When most people think about SRE, they think numbers, percentages, SLIs, and SLOs. That stew of acronyms is important, but, really, what drives site reliability engineering is the goal of building systems that truly satisfy customers and keep them coming back.

Sep 2, 2020

Cloud is revolutionary, but at some companies, cloud deployments don’t revolutionize their IT outcomes. Why? Because they don’t change their IT culture. To realize more success with cloud, it’s essential to change culture along with technology. In this episode of the podcast, Mike Kavis and guest, Deloitte’s Jon...