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On Cloud

Mar 27, 2019

In this episode, David Linthicum and Deloitte’s Bill Kammerer discuss how supply chain and retail operations have been changed by disruption over the past decade, and how smart retailers are turning to the cloud for solutions to their logistics problems. They tackle key logistics issues and look at how companies...

Mar 20, 2019

The cloud has revolutionized IT and analytics, but it's not always the best choice when predictive analysis and action has to occur quickly and close to the event. In those cases, edge computing is sometimes the right way to go. However, companies may need both architectures long-term.

Mar 15, 2019

Cloud migration is never straightforward, but standardizing the process by using containers and Kubernetes has quickly become a method to overcome many of the challenges, move legacy apps to the cloud, and realize ROI.

Mar 6, 2019

Join host David Linthicum and guest Lori MacVittie, CTO at F5 Networks, as they discuss security in the cloud. Lori provides her perspective on problems organizations face with security, and how teamwork plays a more critical role than technology in fixing problems—and making sure they’re discovered before they...