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On Cloud

Sep 24, 2019

As DevOps matures, and the “shift-everything-left” philosophy gains ascendancy, there’s a movement to automate all—or most—phases of testing. However, there are some critical functions that may resist automation. In fact, contrary to the “automate-everything” impetus, human testers won’t ever go away....

Sep 18, 2019

The current hype cycle is all about 5G and its tremendous promise. That promise may be fulfilled someday, but right now the IoT and edge technologies are helping organizations across all industries revolutionize their business and view most technologies through an as-a-service lens.

Sep 10, 2019

Yes, there's complexity in the cloud journey, but that doesn't mean that the cloud isn't the place to be now, and in the future. As cloud adoption rises, it's important to understand which apps are right for the cloud and to manage complexity to make cloud adoption easier.