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On Cloud

Nov 20, 2019

Despite the strong imperative to digitally transform, many companies still struggle with it. One strategy is to adopt a cloud-native mindset that leverages AIOps and shifts DevOps bottlenecks left to re-think software development, delivery, and deployment in a cloud-native world.

Nov 13, 2019

As the panoply of cloud vendors and products grows ever larger, so does the configuration and management complexity of the cloud. For many companies, this complexity can reduce the value of their cloud-computing investments. In this episode of the podcast, David Linthicum and guests, Intel’s Lisa Davis and...

Nov 6, 2019

There's little doubt of the value of agile and DevOps, but many companies still struggle to innovate with IT. It's often because they're stuck in a project management paradigm. One solution is to focus on product value streams and measure the business value delivered by software.